A social network off the grid
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Familiar, yet radically new

Manyverse is a social networking app with features you would expect: posts, likes, profiles, private messages, etc. But it's not running in the cloud owned by a company, instead, your friends' posts and all your social data live entirely in your phone. This way, even when you're offline, you can scroll, read anything, and even write posts and like content! When your phone is back online, it syncs the latest updates directly with your friends' phones, through a shared local Wi-Fi or on the internet.

We're building this free and open source project as a community effort because we believe in non-commercial, neutral, and fair mobile communication for everyone.


No ads.
No pay wall.
No data centers.
No cloud. No cookies.
No company. No investors.
No token. No ICO. No blockchain.
No tracking. No spying. No analytics.
No tedious registration. No premium costs.
No annoying notifications, emails, and banners.


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Beta version

Manyverse already works, but it is still in beta. So far we have built:

  • SSB (Scuttlebutt) communications
  • Threads of public posts and comments
  • Add pictures
  • Sync via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or internet servers
  • Private messaging up to 7 participants
  • Translated to several languages
  • Blocks and mutes
  • Emoji reactions
  • Content warnings
  • Profiles with biographies

This is just the beginning. We have many more features planned in the roadmap, but we will need your help to get there.

Read our blog to keep up with updates to this project!

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