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Full-text search


This week we made a new release that contains a new screen dedicated for searching public posts based on a text query. On the Public posts tab, on the top-right corner, you can press a button that opens this Search screen.

Built on ssb-db2, the core logic is powered by ssb-search2, a plugin I made that is analogous to ssb-search (used by Patchbay, Oasis, and others). Building on top of ssb-db2 means that performance of ssb-search2 is faster than ssb-search, and index sizes in ssb-search2 are 3x smaller than in ssb-search (93 MB compared to 284 MB).

But there's more: we also support searching for words in Unicode, so searching for "trädgården" is possible, as well as searching short Chinese words. While ssb-search ignores words shorter than 3 characters, ssb-search2 indexes those when they are upper-cased acronyms, making searching for "EU" or "VR" possible.

In Manyverse, we display the search results in short summaries, with the query word in bold, making it easy to glance through. Previously, Manyverse was only for browsing recent posts, but now with search, we open up a new realm of old but gold content, relevant to your interests.

As a bonus, if you paste a cypherlink into the search bar, then Manyverse automatically detects those and opens up the corresponding Thread screen!