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Improved progress bars

Phase: In development

The "database indexing" progress bar and percentage on mobile is tucked away in the side menu, and there's another progress bar on the main screen. We should unify these two, and provide better information to the user on what is happening during this time.

This milestone proposes to show a small white "pill" near the main screen's progress bar, containing the current percentage number for the progress. Once clicked, this pill will lead the user to a full screen with:

  • A large circular progress indicator
  • A large percentage number in the middle
  • Estimated time left
  • Explanation

This screen should scroll downwards, such that the circular progress indicator is at the center, and the explanation is at the bottom, out-of-screen, and requires scrolling. The explanation describes to the user what is happening under the hood, why it's important to wait, and ensure the user of what it's not doing. It could be, for instance:

  • "What is happening here?"
  • "Your Manyverse has 800 MB of raw data that needs to be prepared before you can browse it. Database indexing is processing the raw data to optimize it for browsing. Hang in there"