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Stencil and schema (plugin concept)

Phase: In discovery

instagram effects walkthru (pdf) is a concise flow from discoverability, related topics, create your own.

ssb users being able to create form bundles (stencils) that are then released for others to pick up and make use of. form results are just regular markdown so not a security burden, just written under constraints and with filters for findability

form fields can be

  • single text
  • multi line text
  • single select
  • multi select
  • date
  • time
  • picture/image/photo/file
  • location (per place, from a directory? GPS? area?)
  • range (star/satisfaction, etc)

and variables can be

  • required/optional
  • randomizer (effect chooses for you, revealing result under preview)

examples of stencils I can think of

  • madlibs
  • mood diary, project diary (for accountability)
  • collective dream journal
  • events
  • community offerings: haves and wants (what, where, conditions)

(but frankly it's up to users to build their own)

to discuss

  • review nanomonkey's approach, how to make it usable, in phases

  • how to ensure clients display elaborate elements properly? can user themselves "subscribe" to web component?

  • different stencils should have a proper id for discoverability (posts published under a certain stencil have a stamp on it).

    • can it be bottom up?
    • is it a governance issue?
    • decentralization issue?
    • can we detect siblings, for neighborhood discoverability?
  • licensing vs stencils: Journalists can request testimonials of experiences and collect them for a book, for instance. Licensing ensures users know what they're getting into (or filter out if they don't want to be exposed to it)