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Search and Explore

Phase: In discovery

The search screen could have this kind of "read more" arrow, and when you scroll you can explore content. Like it could show the top active hashtags, or other things to explore. Would replace the Explore tab idea.

Twitter does something similar on their search screen.

Staltz: I like the "read more" arrow more than the Twitter thing because on Twitter the Explore content is competing with what you were going to type in the search box. You come to the search screen to type in something, but you are distracted by all this other content and you can lose your train of thought. Let's design for little distractions

Manyverse Indexing Manyverse Search Twitter Search Twitter Search Placeholder Mastodon iOS
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David: I would use a placeholder image with the “explore” option. In that case showing the more at the bottom makes little sense because there is nothing to add from. You say more when you are already showing something, no when there is nothing. More what? More nothing?

David: I like how Mastodon iOS has these tabs.