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Desktop app

The wait is over! After more than a year in development by Jacob and me, you can now enjoy the app on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Visit our downloads page to get the installer for your platform.

This marks a new era, Manyverse is now the first-ever cross-platform SSB app. And importantly, the SSB ecosystem last year was in dire need for a desktop app that is actively fixed and improved.

This first desktop version is what we're calling MobPar (Mobile Parity), which means it can do everything that Manyverse Mobile does, apart from Bluetooth sync which is a special feature for Android only. If you're a frequent user on Android and iOS, you will have no difficulty in navigating Manyverse Desktop, it's basically the same thing, with minor changes to the layout such as the left-side menu custom made for desktop. One of my favorite features is support for SSB URIs, for instance, once you install the desktop app you can easily open my account by visiting https://staltz.hermies.club, as well as SSB URIs for messages.

We don't yet consider Manyverse a drop-in replacement for Patchwork, because there are some important features missing, such as Gatherings (scheduling events with friends). We plan to support all Patchwork use cases in what we call PatPar (Patchwork Parity), and we hope it'll be ready this year.