Oct 2018 update

André Staltz

It's been just one week since the app was launched, and I'm overwhelmed with the massive positive reception, specially from you backers! You're a small group of 14 persons, but I want to dedicate this monthly newsletter to thank you, and share updates and status on the project.

Here are some key events that happened recently:

  • New versions released that fix several glitches and bugs, see the Changelog
  • F-Droid deployment was submitted and merged, now we're just pending on F-Droid's build servers to release it
  • In a new blog post, I explain how to get connected with other people in the app
  • My talk at Full Stack Fest about Scuttlebutt, Manyverse, and our tech stack is now published

All that in just 8 days. I'm also curious about your feedback. I have heard a lot of people requesting uploading profile pictures, so I think I'll make that a priority above other issues. The app has no analytics nor telemetry, so I don't have insight into its usage unless you tell me. So feel free to make this a conversation (for instance as a GitLab issue) about the future of the app. Note also that it's entirely open source, so forks are encouraged too. :)

These handwritten email updates will come once per month, so see you next month!