We're hiring a full-stack developer

André Staltz

This position has now been filled, we are no longer looking for applicants. Thank you for your interest!

We're looking for a full-stack developer with experience in React Native to serve Manyverse users with timely bug fixes and incremental improvements.

I (André) have been working full-time on Manyverse and now the workload has increased so much that I need help to keep the pace up. I intend to focus on critical database obstacles that will unlock progress with our feature roadmap, and in the meantime the app needs to be frequently updated and fixed for Android, iOS, and desktop (Electron).

What you will do:

As part of your responsibilities, you would fix bugs reported by users (70% of your focus) involving React Native, Electron, and mobile SDKs. You would also implement improvements or new features (30% of your focus), all the while communicating regularly with the team (daily, or at a very minimum weekly).

Who you ideally are:

An ideal candidate should have experience with our tech stack (TypeScript, JavaScript, React Native, React, Node.js, SSB libraries, Android SDK, iOS/XCode, Cycle.js), an inquisitive and patient attitude with debugging and fixing issues, while communicating clearly and publicly via text in the spirit of open source maintenance.

No one is perfect, so it's okay that you don't have all these qualities, if you are okay with learning some of these during the project.

What you'll get:

Pay is limited by what donations to our Open Collective can provide, which is approximately 2100 EUR / month at the moment. Also, because we don't have an organisation but instead rely on Open Collective, your professional relationship to this project would be a temporary contractor for 1 or 2 months (with the possibility of extension if our finances allow it), not employment. This can be challenging, so we recommend that either you work part-time with a higher hourly rate, or full-time with a lower one. Compensation is done based on how many hours you worked, and you can suggest an hourly rate for yourself and give us an estimate of how many hours you would work per week.

We'd love to pay you more money if we had more, but we're a non-commercial project sustained by donations from individuals, so this is our financial reality.

Besides financial compensation, you can count on:

  • Flexible & remote: work wherever you want, at whatever times of the day
  • Guidance: you won't be doing this alone, I'll help you get familiar with the codebase and we have a team chat group where it's encouraged to share your journey
  • Purpose: unlike the typical job where we essentially just make the rich get richer, Manyverse's goal is non-commercial, it's to heal the tech world, providing resilient communication software for everyone, without ads, without surveillance, and all the other bad stuff
  • Exposure: all the output of your work will be open source (good on your CV), and users will directly appreciate it too

How to apply:

Send an email to contact@staltz.com with the subject "Manyverse full-stack role" with links to pull requests where you fixed bugs to open source projects with similar tech stack (JavaScript at least), and a comment on why you fit this role well. If you don't have pull requests to show, you can either make your first PR or convince us in other ways of your skills.

After that, we might propose a video call for a short interview, and the work could start in March.

Thank you!

This position has now been filled, we are no longer looking for applicants. Thank you for your interest!