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How do I use Wi-Fi to connect with people?

Wi-Fi connections work between Manyverse and other apps such as Patchwork and Patchbay. The idea is that friends join the same Wi-Fi hotspot and then they will see each other inside the app.

First turn on Wi-Fi on your device. Open the Settings on your Android phone, and look for the menu Connections, and then select Wi-Fi. Choose a Wi-Fi network to join. Make sure your friend also joins the same Wi-Fi network.

Then, open Manyverse and then once you are on the screen that says Messages, go to the tab on the right with a globe icon, to see the Connections tab. The Wi-Fi icon should be highlighted blue, meaning it's enabled. If it's not blue yet, wait a few seconds.

There is nothing else you need to do, because your friends in the same Wi-Fi will be displayed in the Connections tab as soon as possible. They might show with their SSB ID code, which looks like @WOchhgXspSh0iyT+pj.... You can find your own SSB ID on the left-side menu in the app. Before choosing a friend to connect to, make sure that their SSB ID is correct. Ask them what their SSB ID is. Then, just tap your friend's list item to connect with them.

  • Choose Connect and follow to create a Wi-Fi link with them AND follow their Manyverse profile

    • This is useful to fetch their data, you should choose this option when the other person is your friend
  • Choose Connect to ONLY create a Wi-Fi link without following them

    • This is useful when the other person is an acquaintance and you only want to fetch updates from their social circles but not from this person