Privacy Policy

We, the developers of the Manyverse app are committed to not collecting any user data not metadata generated by users via the Manyverse app. We do not deploy in the app any data collection mechanism such as analytics, telemetry, cookies, trackers, and others. We simply do not have access to user data, unless given to us willingly by the users, such as via bug reports or crash reports.

Bug reports by email

If you, the user, choose to send bug reports or crash reports via the "Email bug report" button in the app or via the Crash report popup, you will do so by sending us an email. The bug or crash report is stored privately in GitLab and only the app developers have access to it, see also GitLab's Privacy Policy.

If it's a crash report, the email will include also your device's model, your device's operating system version, the version of the Manyverse app used, and "stacktrace" for the crash.

Since emails always include the sender's address, this means that naturally we would know your email address, and we might answer back regarding your feedback or crash report. We will not share your email address with anyone else, or contact you for any other purpose. Any information you send will be used solely for the purpose of improving the app.


If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please email the lead developer Andre Medeiros by email at