Manyverse is constantly improving, and this page shows you what we're working on now, and what we plan to add. See also the features we completed. Click on each epic below to read more details about them.


Near future

  • Customize the Public feed
  • Hyperlocal replication assisted by QR Codes and Wi-Fi
  • Pinned threads on profiles
  • Classify SSB objects by proximity
  • Interoperability & glossary documentation
  • Manage local blobs/media
  • Flag a bad account to your friends
  • Add a content warning to another person's post
  • Identity recovery v2

Far future

  • Integration with Operating System's share menu
  • Tell the user if another user probably aren't replicating them
  • Edit posts
  • Language filtering
  • Licensing of user content
  • Collections
  • Sponsors and volunteers on the roadmap
  • Delete posts
  • Block peers redesign
  • Trustnet: auto-apply moderation decisions by a friend
  • Link your Manyverse devices together
  • App-to-app sign-in with Manyverse
  • Choose how to open external content
  • Multiple local users per app installation
  • Auto-titles for raw cypherlinks
  • Social backup of your identity
  • Themes
  • WYSIWYG compose editor