Last updated on 2022-01-14

This page shows our updated plan for future features for the Manyverse project. This file comes from our Wiki page on GitLab.

Horizon 1 (approx. next month)

  • (Onboarding) Welcome screen has a connections wizard #1088 and #1419
  • (Onboarding) Better room membership invites and firewall exceptions #1594
  • (Features) Implement gatherings similar to Patchwork

Horizon 2 (approx. next 3 months)

  • (Features) Skip-to-bottom / skip-to-top button in very long scrolling screens #1505
  • (Onboarding) Incentivize "new people" introduction as part of onboarding #1552
  • (Features) Patchwork Parity
  • (Onboarding) People screen and invite creation (tokenized room aliases)
  • (Onboarding) QR-code to initiate Wi-Fi (hotspot and) replication automatically #1591
  • (Safety) Show friend who introduced this FoaF into my device alongside FoaF's name
  • (Sustainability) Normal follows versus strong follows #1438
  • (Sustainability & Safety) Metafeeds, partial replication, sliced replication #745
  • (Safety) Delete an entire feed once you block it

Horizon 3 (approx. next 6 months)

  • (Safety) Upgrade private chats to use ssb-tribes #1621
  • (Safety) Blocks screen (explains public vs secret blocks, shows lists, etc)
  • (Safety) Blob management: browse, delete, select many, share
  • (Safety) With the SSB community: block blobs
  • (Safety) Block lists (%sZvGoduwNbMjm97Bl8L5smEZcgGDrcHD/3MMP7hYdAE=.sha256)
  • (Safety) A way to report an account's bad behavior to your friends with evidence
  • Embed videos and other web content
  • (Safety) "Groups" with private threads (ssb-tribes)
  • (Safety) Flagging a message #748
  • (Safety) Delete posts locally, propagate delete-request message to peer
  • With the SSB community: non-destructive message editing
  • (Sustainability) People screen lists users sorted by storage used
  • (Sustainability) Profile screen shows how much storage this profile occupies
  • With the SSB community: sameAs (multi-device)
  • Interop with other SSB Android apps #747
  • Message: show what is the reply msg above it
  • Customize the public feed #800
  • Sneakernet replication (export log to file / import updates from file)
  • Profile screen: edit bio in full screen with markdown support
  • YouTube links open up menu to choose proxies
  • Help screen textually describing all the features

Horizon 4 (approx. next 12 months)

  • "Share on Manyverse" from any other app, mobile OS integration #1060
  • 1 second startup time, or "RPC test drive"
  • Autosplit long posts
  • Support multiple accounts/identities per device
  • Settings for bandwidth limiting
  • Cypherlinks without any title should fetch a title from the post itself, be descriptive
  • "View source" for remote peers
  • Chat off-log with peers currently connected to
  • Seeing content only from people on a certain list
  • Social backup of SSB identity
  • Settings are shared as SSB messages, easily adoptable too
  • Out-of-order (ooo) message retrieval
  • Compose: some basic WYSIWYG features (like in Medium)
  • Ability to automatically scrub metadata from your posts (e.g. EXIF data in photos)
  • Setting for opt-in blob download, as an SSB message
  • Render 'not found' messages sensibly
  • A way to route Scuttlebutt through Tor in the client's UI
  • A way to configure a proxy for (outgoing) internet traffic
  • Setting for configuring news feed algorithm, as an SSB message
  • A way to prevent your posts being indexed by malicious crawlers
  • Connectivity mode: Wi-Fi Direct and/or Wi-Fi P2P
  • With the SSB community: auditable user invites
  • Initial loading indicator shows multi-stage textual status
  • Themes, shareable as SSB messages
  • Settings: hop config, circular or square avatars
  • Show peer connection metadata (health, sync progress, raw data)
  • Improved performance with Rust and Neon #1105
  • With the SSB community: support development of sbot in C or Rust with mobile support